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Our Services

Conveyor Installations.

CS Engineering are proud to have been involved with many Conveyor Installations throughout the years, and for some of the Leading Conveyor Manufacturers.

Our aim is to Install equipment to the Highest Standards, Efficiently and Effectively.

We at CS Engineering can offer a Managed Installation or Provide the Engineering teams required for individual tasks.

Were happy to assist right from design conception, through to completion, offering our customers complete satisfaction throughout the process.

Our Teams of Engineers are fully trained and certified to a minimum of CSCS standard.

If you would like to discuss your project, please get in touch with our team.


Our Engineering Teams

Here at CS Engineering, we can offer our customers Qualified, Quality Engineers, either on a temporary or contract basis.


We have a wealth of engineering knowledge and can supply teams to suite your project needs.


Our Engineering Teams are fully conversant with any tasks put before them.

We can also supply a site Manager or Supervisor for any Installations or on site tasks if required.

They have a combined wealth of Engineering knowledge and skills, which has been gained over many years of experience and training.

All Engineers are all Certified to a minimum of CSCS, most of them are also trained and licenced to operate most site plant equipment, I.e. Forklift Trucks, IPAF, PASMA, Rigging, Welding Etc.

Our Customers can rest assured that they will have the right team on board to complete any project.

On Site Servicing

CS Engineering offer on site Conveyor or Machine servicing either as a one off or regular weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly schedule.

Our Maintenance team are fully trained Conveyor and Machine Engineers.

A thorough Service is always guaranteed, from start to finish our engineers will ensure all moving parts are cleaned inspected and lubricated where required, leaving your asset in top condition.

Our engineers will advise / recommend if any parts require replacing before any works are carried out.

Most worn / failed parts requiring replacement I.e. Bearings and Chains can be performed during the service visit, leading to reduced breakdowns and minimising down time caused by component failure.

Service reports will be carried out by the Engineer once the service is complete and a copy given the customer, highlighting any recommendations and machine condition.

Maintaining your Asset and giving peace of mind.

If you would like a quote for Servicing please get in touch with our Team.

Engineering Shift Cover

Here at CS Engineering we understand that at certain times of the year due to increased production / service volumes or Engineering staff holidays / absence our Customers may require additional maintenance staff to cover the short fall.

we can offer experienced stand in Engineers to help with service and maintenance schedules or as on site standby for any mechanical breakdowns to Conveyor systems and Machines, meaning that the Customer is not waiting for external service providers to arrive but instead has an Engineer on site at all times to react quickly hence reducing down time to operations / production.

If a Breakdown occurs then our Engineer will endeavour to carry out an immediate repair to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

If the repair is going to be timely or additional parts are required then rest assured  our Engineer will do what he can to carry out a temporary repair until a full repair can be completed.

If you would like a quote for Engineer Shift Cover  please get in touch with our Team.


On Site Welding - Fabrication

CS Engineering offer a Full On Site Welding /Fabrication service.

Whether your Machine requires a minor Weld repair / alteration or through to a Full Installation of Steelwork, I.e. Hand Rails, Machine Supports, Structural or Cosmetic, We can help.

We only use the most up to date Welding equipment and our engineers are trained in All formats of Welding I.e. Mig, Tig and Arc.

We specialise in mild steel and stainless welding / fabrication.  

Our Engineers will Always work with Safety at the forefront of any Welding works, ensuring that your Staff and Premises are Protected at all times.

We are fully insured and qualified to carry out All Hot Works.

Our Engineer will always, first asses the area to be worked in, to ensure that it is safe to do so, once this has been confirmed, the Engineer will continue, However if the Engineer feels that it is unsafe to proceed, he will advise our Customer.

If you would like a quote for any Welding requirements please get in touch with our Team.



Post Service Audits.

CS Engineering have a wealth of experience with Customer Service Providers and we know that sometimes the Customer may have questions regarding the quality of service they are receiving.


We at CS Engineering offer a fully Comprehensive None Bias Post Service Inspect and Report Service, this service involves the Customer instructing us to attend their site shortly after a service has been carried out to their equipment, by their service provider.

We will firstly run your equipment to allow us to identify any visual or audible issues, we will then remove covers / guards and inspect the internal workings of your machine or conveyors, at this point No Repairs will be conducted.

The areas we will be looking for would be noisy / worn bearings, poorly adjusted chain drives, dry or none lubricated chains and drives, loose fixings, belt tracking and tension, structural wear Etc.

Once the inspection is complete and within two days, an Excel report will be compiled by our office, together with machine Identification (where applicable) photos, videos, (if required) and full written description of condition findings with recommendations will be submitted, this will allow the customer to asses the level of service they are receiving.

If you would like a quote for the Post Service Audit please get in touch with our Team.


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